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Data examples

Spreadsheet data

You can use a Spreadsheet node to manually input data into a table. However, note that is not optimized for storing data in these spreadsheets (they are mainly for testing manually - use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets if you need a spreadsheet). You should store your data in an external data source and load the data using a connector instead. The Polar and Radar charts example has an example usage of a spreadsheet.

CSV data

The example above loads a CSV from a url and displays its results in a table. It then extracts specific columns from the CSV in order to display them in a line chart visualization.


You can load SQLite data in your browser by first loading the scriptflow-sqlite package, then adding the SQLite node into your graph.


Load HTTP data using a HTTP or server/HTTPRequest node (depending on if you want to make a request in your browser or via the proxy). Note that making a browser request requires CORS permissions.

The Yahoo YQL example is a good example of making a client side HTTP request and extracting data from it.


Connect to Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL

The above example shows a SQL node connected to a table. A few things to note about this - SQL nodes require a proxy server to be connected in order to function properly. Once a proxy server is connected, you can run parameterized queries against the database and the graph will function like any other scriptflow graph.

Also note the beacon on the node and in the top right corner that indicate that the graph must have the proxy server running. This beacon appears in dashboards as well, so your graph consumers should know to start the proxy for the graph to work properly.

Joining data

You can join data from multiple data sources client side by using a Join node or manually join data using javascript using a Code node.

Coming soon

These integrations will be coming soon:

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Elastic Search
  • Apache Cassandra

More data sources

Some integrations are still in development, check the Forums for more information. In addition, if you would like to recommend specific integrations, tell us in the Forums or via a support request. Here are some recommendations from others that we are actively working on:

  • DynamoDB
  • Redis
  • Memcached


See how to visualize data with scriptflow.