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Enterprise Plans

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise features are only available to accounts that have purchased an enterprise plan.

Self hosting

Enterprise plans are primarily useful for hosting your own instance of scriptflow on internal servers. If you want the benefits of team sharing without having to host your own server, then it is recommended that you purchase a team plan instead. You can always purchase multiple team plans and organize your users appropriately per team, however, team plans do not support LDAP authentication and are hosted on the same servers as the rest of

Enterprise plans support LDAP authentication. Contact us for more information.

Private packages

Enterprise plans allow you to write private packages that are not shared with public users. This is accomplished by publishing your package to your self-hosted instance of scriptflow. Since this instance should be hosted on an internal network, this allows you to create private packages that can be shared with your team members, but not with public users.

This feature is currently only available for enterprise plans.


Contact us for customized enterprise options.